Butler Township Police Department Citizen Survey

I am always interested in hearing from the community about the services provided by the Butler Township Police Department. By completing this survey, citizens can tell me how we are performing. Please take a moment to complete this questionnaire.  I will use this information to help provide the best possible service to the citizens of Butler Township. Thanks for your help.

– Chief John Porter

If you have had more than one contact with Butler Township Police Department, please answer the following questions based on your most recent contact.

Please click the circle, which will mark your response to the corresponding question.




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1) Was your call answered promptly by the dispatcher (the person who received your call)?


2) Was the dispatcher professional and courteous


3) Did an officer respond in a timely manner?


4) Was the officer professional and courteous?


5) Did the officer help you understand how your complaint would be handled and what your responsibilities and alternatives might be?


6) Did you feel that the officer cared about resolving your problem or complaint?


7) Have you been re-contacted regarding the status of your problem or complaint?


Please rate the performance of the Butler Township Police Department personnel you were in contact with recently. If you did not meet a person from the group mentioned, click to mark "Does Not Apply".




Does Not Apply

8) How would you rate the service provided by the dispatcher?

9) How would you rate the service provided by the responding officer?

10) How would you rate the services provided by the detectives?

11) Overall, how would you rate the performance of Butler Township Police Department?

Please tell us how safe you feel in each of the following situations:

Very Safe


Not Safe At All

Does Not Apply

12) How safe do you feel in and around your Butler Township neighborhood during the day?

13) How safe do you feel in and around your Butler Township Neighborhood during the night?

14) Overall, how safe do you feel when you travel through Butler Township?

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Comments, recommendations, and suggestions for improvement:

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