Butler Township Fire Department - Citizen Survey

We are interested in hearing from the community about the services provided by the Butler Township Fire Department. Completing this survey, allows you to provide valuable input that will help us evaluate the performance of our services. The information you provide will be used to improve the service we provide throughout the community. Please take a moment to complete and then submit this survey.

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If you have had more than one contact with Butler Township Fire Department, please answer the following questions based on your most recent contact.

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1. Was your call answered promptly by the dispatcher center?


2. Was the dispatcher professional and courteous?


3. Did you receive instructions from the dispatcher to help you handle your emergency prior to the Fire Department's arrival?


4. Did you find these instructions to be helpful?


5. Did the Fire Department respond in a timely manner?


6. Were the Fire Department personnel professional and courteous?


7. Did you feel the Fire Department personnel cared about handling the emergency at hand?


8. Did you feel the Fire Department personnel cared about any other needs or concerns you had after the emergency was handled?


Please rate the performance of the Butler Township Fire Department personnel you were in contact with recently. If you did not meet a person from the group mentioned, click to mark "Does Not Apply".




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9. How would you rate the performance provided by the dispatch center?

10. How would you rate the service provided by Butler Township Fire Department personnel?

11. Overall, how would you rate the performance of the Butler Township Fire Department?

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