Code Enforcement (Property Maintenance)

Zoning and code enforcement are important tools used by Butler Township to maintain a desirable community with attractive neighborhoods and quality business developments. The zoning code has been adopted to ensure that orderly development and construction in the township meets the community’s standards. For safety’s sake, most improvements require building permits, which are issued by Montgomery County.


Any construction that adds building space or covered area to a lot, or that requires structural change, requires a permit. The township’s portion of the permit process is simple, typically involving a one-page application, accompanied by construction drawings and site plans drawn to scale. Cosmetic work, such as new roof shingles or same-size window replacements, is exempt provided no structural alterations are made. It is always best to check on permit requirements ahead of time by calling Butler Township at 898-6735.

Zoning Regulations

Zoning helps to maintain Butler Township as an attractive community. Through zoning regulations, specific standards have been established for many common property improvements. These standards set limits on building heights and sizes, as well as setbacks from adjoining streets and neighboring property lines. Regulations also speak to the sizes and number of detached structures on a property, including garages and storage sheds. For more information on zoning in Butler Township, please call 898-6735.

Property Maintenance

Attractive neighborhoods and beautiful properties are a hallmark of the Butler Township community. The township is committed to preserving this standard – as well as property values – through the property maintenance code. A brochure explaining property maintenance requirements in Butler Township is available by calling 898-6735. Concerns about the exterior of any property in the township should also be directed to this phone number.

Zoning Codes

For a complete list of zoning codes available for downloading and printing, click here. The following documents are available for downloading (requires Adobe Acrobat):

Exterior Property Maintenance Code 1-11

Abatement of Dangerous Properties

Nuisance Abatement

Zoning permit forms

For your convenience, these forms may be downloaded (requires Adobe Acrobat):

Sign Permit Application – This link will take you to the zoning permit that is used by applicants installing signage on non-residential structures.

Construction Application – This link will take you to the zoning permit that is used by applicants desiring to build a new structure.

Accessory Structure Application – This link will take you to the zoning permit that is used by applicants desiring to construct/install accessory structures, such as detached garages, storage sheds and swimming pools.

The following documents are also available for downloading (requires Adobe Acrobat):

PUD-Detailed Plans Review Application

Conditional Use Application

Rezoning Application

 Zoning Variance Application

Board of Zoning Appeals

The BZA is made up of 5 township residents, appointed to 5 year terms by the township trustees. The BZA hears administrative appeals, authorizes the issuance of conditional use permits, and grants variances. Appeals of the BZA must be filed with the Montgomery County Common Pleas Court within 30 days of the decision.

Links of Interest

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