Zoning And Planning

A rapidly growing community such as Butler Township, planning and zoning are among the most important government functions. The staff works with residents, developers and builders to ensure quality building and development through plan reviews, zoning code enforcement and property inspections.

Economic Development

Butler Township staff work with prospects on an individual basisTo encourage desirable business growth, Butler Township generally works with prospects on an individual basis. Knowing specific project needs has resulted in township responses ranging from building entire new streets to solving site-specific drainage problems allowing for a business expansion. In an effort to pursuing business around the Dayton International Airport, the township has identified desirable development opportunities, and has entered into a “joint economic development district” contract with the city of Dayton. Township staff believes most economic development is accomplished project by project. To confer about your specific ideas, contact the township at 937-898-6735.

Comprehensive Plan

Butler Township has engaged a variety of consultants over the past few years to help guide its growth and address specific area development issues. Several studies have focused on the rapidly growing commercial area just west of Interstate 75 and north of the exit 59 interchange (Benchwood Road). An updated comprehensive land use plan was adopted early in 2006.

Plan Reviews

Building plansDevelopment proposals are scrutinized for adherence to standards aimed at yielding attractive and desirable development far into the future. Local staff judges plan submittals for conformance with such zoning standards as parking, roadway set backs, numbers of street access drives, and even architectural standards. Montgomery County is sometimes asked to lend additional site plan review expertise. A pre-submittal planning conference regarding township standards is often helpful in avoiding unnecessary expense and delays on the part of builders.


Any construction that adds building space or covered area to a lot, or that requires structural change, requires a permit. The township’s portion of the permit process is simple, typically involving a one-page application, accompanied by building elevation drawings and site plans drawn to scale. Cosmetic work, such as new roof shingles or same-size window replacements, is exempt provided no structural alterations are made. To check on permit requirements, call Butler Township at 937-898-6735.

Zoning Regulations

Through zoning regulations, specific standards have been established for many common property improvements. These standards set limits on building heights and sizes, as well as setbacks from adjoining streets and neighboring property lines. Regulations also address the sizes and number of detached structures on a property, including garages and storage sheds.

Meeting Schedules

2020 Board of Zoning Appeals Deadline Meeting Dates

2020 Zoning Commission Deadline Meeting Dates

Public Hearing Notices

Board of Zoning Appeals Cases to be heard 2020:

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Zoning Commission Cases to be heard in 2020:



The  following documents related to planning, zoning and development may be downloaded:

Butler Township Zoning Map 1-9-19

Fee Schedule for Zoning Permits and Code Enforcement

Property Maintenance Brochure – Download a publication that explains the details of the property maintenance code and how it is enforced.  This brochure is a courtesy notice.

Registration for Political Signs – Zoning permit for applicants installing political signage.  Any person responsible for distributing political signs for display in the Township shall secure one permit for all such signs representing one candidate or issue.  Political signs may be displayed only during a period of 30 days before and 5 days after an election to which they pertain and not exceed 12 square feet per candidate or cause per zoning lot.

Sign Permit Application – Zoning permit for applicants installing signage on non-residential structures.  This application must include a completed application with a sign elevation drawing and a site plan drawn to scale.  Application fees are paid at the time when the permit process is approved.

Construction Application – Zoning permit for applicants desiring to build a new structure.  This application must include a completed application an elevation drawing and a site plan drawn to scale.  Application fees are paid at the time when the permit process is approved.

Accessory Structure Application – Zoning permit for applicants desiring to construct/install accessory structures, such as detached garages, storage sheds and swimming pools.  This application must include a completed application which includes a site plan drawn to scale and a building elevation drawing.  Application fees are paid at the time when the permit process is completed.

Certificate of Zoning Compliance - This zoning permit is for new or relocating businesses or change of use.

Additional zoning permit forms can be downloaded here.

Contact information

Zoning Department / Community Development
Butler Township Government Center
3510 Sudachi Drive
Dayton OH 45414