Service Department

Every day thousands of people rely on the Butler Township Service Department for safe and comfortable travel over township roads through street maintenance and repair, snow and ice control, and clearly marked streets and traffic-control signs. In addition to taking care of 43 miles of streets, the department is responsible for flood prevention through the storm drainage system, well-maintained cemeteries, among other services. While it’s easy to take these services for granted, they are important to the quality of life township residents enjoy. Summer schedule for the Service/Road Department  is from June to September, 6am – 4:30pm, closed on Fridays. Regular hours than resume Monday-Friday, 7am – 3:30pm.

Street Maintenance

The Service Department is responsible for maintaining 43 miles of township roads and associated area. Not all roads that travel through Butler Township are maintained by the Service Department The Montgomery County Engineer’s Office is responsible for the maintenance and snow removal along the following roads:

  • Dog Leg Road The Service Department maintains 43 miles of township roads.
  • Frederick Pike
  • Heathcliff Road
  • Lightner Road
  • Little York Road
  • Martindale Road
  • Meeker Road (between Little York and Heathcliff Road)
  • North Dixie Drive
  • Old Springfield Road
  • Peters Pike

The Ohio Department of Transportation services interstates 70 and 75, as well as portions of National Road.

Snow & Ice Removal

Butler Township begins to plow after a snowfall of two inchesThe Butler Township Service Department provides snow removal and ice control to keep township roads safe and passable. Streets are salted when it appears that the snow and ice will create unsafe conditions. Crews begin to plow after a snowfall of two inches. The service department’s strategy is first to the most heavily traveled roads, as well as those with hills, curves and bridges.

The priority roadways in Butler Township are:  County Line Road (from Frederick to Dog Leg), Furnas Road, Kley Road, Antioch School Road, Jackson Road, Patty’s Road, Aullwood Road, Meeker Road, Kershner Road, Kinmont Road, Stonequarry Road, Evermur Drive, Wild Cherry Drive, Old Country Lane, Malina Avenue, Hertlein Road, Brantford Road, Stop Eight Road (next to Imperial Hills Plat), Benchwood Road, N. Dixie Drive (from Benchwood to Stop Eight Road), Miller Lane (from Benchwood Road to Stop Eight Road), Towne Center Drive, York Commons Boulevard, Commerce Center Drive, Commerce Lane, Maxton Road, Rockwell Drive, Singing Ridge Drive, Cloverleaf and Claude Avenue.  Roadways maintained by the County include:  Dog Leg Road, Old Springfield Road, E., Martaindale Road, Frederick, Little York Road, Peters Pike (from Hertlein to South of Frederick), N. Dixie Drive, and Miller Lane.  All other roadways outside of the Cities are maintained by the township, but as secondary roadways.

Winter Preparations

Each winter poses a threat to your roadside mailbox either because of snowdrifts, vehicle incidents, or snowplow damage. Butler Township, in conjunction with local area US Postal Service would like to encourage all residents to take some precautions this year in stabilizing their mailbox for the winter season.Residents are encouraged to inspect their mailbox for any repairs it may need. For any mailbox located by the road, there is risk of damage caused by snowplows. Damage may also not be caused by contact with the snowplow, but by heavy wet snow being thrown off the plow. When inspecting your mailbox, check and repair any weaknesses you may see such as rotten wood, deterioration, and/or cracks in the post as well as leaning of the mailbox.As you inspect your mailbox this is also a good time to install reflectors to make your mailbox easier to see during storms or during dark hours. It is a good idea to make sure your house number is visible on your mailbox, as this will assist mail carriers and emergency crews.

Keep the area around the mailbox free of snow. Shovel snow at least 2 feet away from the mailbox in every direction. This will allow snow coming off the plow to have a place to go instead of bombarding your mailbox. Shoveling to the sides and front of the box will also cut down on the amount of snow being forced back into that area. 

Why is my driveway plowed back in?

The Township’s snowplow drivers do not intentionally block any driveway or vehicle.  Every effort is made to clear roads and storm drains to prevent icing conditions if remaining snow melts and refreezes.

  • Do not plow or shovel snow back into the street. This can create a safety hazard, and it can result in that same snow being pushed back in front of your driveway.
  • Residents can help by shoveling snow to the right of their driveway or into their yards to minimize the amount that may be plowed back into your driveway and sidewalks.
  • If you shovel your driveway before the plow comes through, always shovel to the right (facing the street).  Snowplows are angled to the right.  It is the best way to minimize the amount that may be plowed back into your driveway.
  • Any snowfall over 2” please remove vehicles from the streets to let the snowplows perform a more thorough job.

Cemetery Maintenance

Polk Grove cemeteryThe Butler Township Service Department is responsible for all public cemeteries, including Polk Grove (formerly Maple Hill), Quaker, Furnace, Pine Grove and Chitwood. The only active cemetery is Polk Grove, the site of some 35 burials every year. In addition to digging the graves, township personnel pour bases for headstones, mow the grass, control weeds and keep the cemeteries clean and attractive.

Contact Information

Cemetery Rates for 2019

Cemetery Rules and Regulations

Mailing address:
Butler Township Service Department
3710 West National Road, Dayton, Ohio 45414
Phone: (937) 890-1218

Employment Opportunities


BUTLER TOWNSHIP (Montgomery County, OH) is seeking an energetic candidate who is willing to learn the trade of Service Worker I (SWI) in the Service Department. A SWI will perform various types of physical manual labor associated with public works and streets: operating light to medium types of motor equipment and hand tools, cleaning catch basins and ditch lines, road maintenance, concrete and asphalt repair, building maintenance, mowing grass, cutting/trimming of trees, cemetery maintenance and burials, building and repairing drainage structures, sign fabrication, vehicle maintenance and snow removal.

Candidate must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent or completion of trade or technical school in a related field. Work experience in the construction field and/or public works industry a plus. Must have the ability to obtain a CDL. Email your application and letter of interest to Jeff Barnett, Service Director at or mail to 3710 W. National Rd., Dayton, OH 45414. Click here for Employment Application.  

The hourly pay range is $14.59 to $16.90, depending on qualifications. Full-time benefits include insurance, paid vacation, holidays, and sick time; and enrollment in Ohio Public Employees Retirement System.



The Butler Township Service Department is seeking candidates for seasonal employment for grass cutting & road maintenance. Must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent, be 18 years old and have valid Ohio driver’s license. Pay rate is $11.50 to $13.50 per hour, depending on experience. Physical and drug screen required. Hours are M-TH, 6AM to 4:30PM.  Submit application to Jeff Barnett, Service Director at or mail to 3710 W. National Rd., Dayton, OH 45414. Click here for Employment Application.

  Butler Township is an Equal Opportunity Employer