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Fiscal Officer Returns to Post

November 12, 2020

Greg Brush was elected Butler Township’s fiscal officer in the fall of 2019, a position he first held 20 years ago, when the title was “clerk.” In fact, he drafted Butler Township’s first investment policy as well as a budget policy.

Greg has a long career in public service. A year after graduating from Wright State University with a bachelor’s degree in sociology in 1985, he became a Vandalia police officer. During his more than twenty years with the police department, he served as patrol officer, crime scene technician, hostage negotiator, shift sergeant and emergency medical technician, while also performing administrative duties. He holds a Master of Public Administration Degree from Central Michigan University.

In 2007, Greg was appointed Montgomery County Clerk of Courts, and ten years later, he became Chief Administrator for the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts. He also served on the Township’s Budget Committee, a citizen advisory board created in 2016 to review township finances and make recommendations to the trustees.

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