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Trustee Brings Long Public Service Career

November 12, 2020

A life long member of the Butler Township community is now service as township trustee. Committed to the ideals of Transparency and ethics, Missy Pruszynski, began her first, began her first term in office in January, 2020.

A Vandalia-Butler High School graduate, Missy has a 33 year career in local government, which began in 1987, when she went to work at Cassel Hill Golf Course. She since has served in various departments with the City of Vandalia. She currently works in the City Manager’s office and is also the City’s Deputy Clerk of Council.

Missy holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice administration with distinction, and has been a representative of the Vandalia Records Commission since 2002.

Through her service as trustee, Missy hopes to improve and protect the quality of life for the residents. She says her ongoing goals include connecting with residents and business owners, building community trust and being a voice for the township.

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