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Tornado Damage Update

May 31, 2019

Areas in the southern part of Butler Township experienced great loss and significant amounts of damage during the tornados on Monday night. The township had over 200 property owners or families affected by damage from the tornado, with at least 30 structures being a total loss or having major structural damage. Many community members lost their homes and belongings, but thankfully everyone survived and there were no major injuries. The outpour of help and service provided to this community was unprecedented. As a township, we are so thankful to have so many people reach out in this time of need. We are still dealing with one portion of roadway closed on N. Dixie, but our road crews have opened up all of the other roadways in the township, with the exception of intermediate closures that occur, due to necessary utility work.

Tree limb and brush removal will begin on Monday, June 3 throughout the affected areas. Butler Township road crews along with other jurisdictions who have offered their assistance will be hauling the limbs and brush away for disposal. Please be mindful of their presence and allow them plenty of space to remove the debris safely and quickly. The fire department also wants to keep everyone safe and remind residents not to burn their brush and construction debris.

While this event has been very strenuous for everyone affected, we know that we will come out of this a better and stronger township. We really do have a great community and we want to thank everyone who has reached out and supported the township and our residents in their clean-up efforts.

 If anyone has any questions at all, please contact the township at 937-898-6735.

Erika Vogel, Township Administrator

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